Monday, January 14, 2013

Martine Johanna Art

Martine Johanna is a Dutch born and raised artist, right from the green heart of the Netherlands, now living and working in Amsterdam.

From a young age music, high fashion, folk culture, nature, odd movies and storytelling where and are still major influences in her life. After a career as a fashion designer, mid 2008 her direction turned entirely towards painting and drawing. Sometimes on the streets most of the times just anywhere possible. When she makes prints or paints she tries to use bio-degradable materials and inks whenever possible. Most works are build up from mixture of materials water-based oil paint, graphite, ink on wood or canvas, sometimes just a paper & pencil is enough.

quote "When I draw or paint, the world becomes translucent and fluid. Like the tale of Alice, but I am not a lost girl, I am the dark wanderer over rooftops, sliding into your dreams...".

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