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"I have to open this post by first congratulating the source of this video – old sex blogging pal Unscathed Corpse – for their 3,000th post! Unscathed is one of the few long-standing sex blogs from back in the beginning of sex blog history that is still alive and kicking. Many of the first-wave sex bloggers have given up or closed shop. Unscathed survived a forced loss of content in 2005 (an event that has historically stopped a number of sex bloggers) and came back stronger. Unscathed, I’m glad you’re still here".
Source @ Tiny Nibbles


From Mexico with love: A Cultural Monster of 10.000 Heads ...an interview by Reverendo AK-47 (Apr 2009).

"First of all there is not a place on the web like Unscathed Corpse Blog, a kingdom of knowledge, art, bondage, robotics, gender, girls, nudes, Madonna, and even The Simpsons. When logged at Unscathed Corpse you enter a universe of possibilities, going beyond the normal and simple Blog, you will not be the same after taking a ride in to the different links that form the structure of this beautiful monster. Really this is a place for the one who is seeking a little more on modern culture.
I remember that the first time I was there; I couldn’t shut down the computer. It was late and my fingers and eyes were a little fucked up, but I continuously clicked in the links to discover new worlds and really crazy amazing shit I’ve never imagine it existed. I realized that same night that there was a lot of heart and hard work behind Unscathed Corpse, that this was an effort to create a different kind of blog and that the same amount of effort was given to the search of the different topics.
Unscathed Corpse is sophisticated, funny, subversive, and very informative. You can spend hours searching the best in art, culture and sex. Really not your typical blog, where there is only a few roads to take, here is the big and long road, full of beauty and beast, a reality reloaded that makes you feel that your intellect is going in an extreme velocity, one that hopefully you are willing to control. Unscathed Corpse is maybe the place where the aspects of subculture are more vivid and we are capable of understand them a little more". (Reverendo AK-47)


I'm "proud" to be the winner of the Gatochy's 23rd "I Understand and I Wish to Continue" Award (Jan 2009).


Daily Tang was a video news vlog based in Miami Beach Florida (the original www.dailytang.com is expired now). On 2007 Unscathed Corpse had a nice review by Veronika Raquel.


"Unscathed Corpse is more than just an addiction, it's part of my daily morning routine. Great design and excellent taste in art and fetish will hook you, but the humor and weird, weird sex links will make you an addict just like me. Call it a blog-blog crush, if you will".
Violet Blue


"Unscathed Corpse is a blog full of links to "weird, sexy, funny, crazy and interesting sites." No editorial commentary whatsoever - just links and nothing but links. Normally, I wouldn't be too impressed, but in Unscathed's case practically every link they post is truly weird or truly sexy or truly funny or truly crazy. Enjoyed wasting a lot of time following Unscathed's links off into digital neighborhoods that I didn't know existed. Now that I know about them, I feel like a slightly better, improved version of my former self. Maybe you will too".
Jaxon Jaganov's


"Unscathed Corpse is like to start your day with a comb in the hair".
Sal Paradise

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