Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Xue Wang Artwork

Xue Wang was born in northern China in 1980, the year of the mischievous monkey. Painting and drawing, playing around with ideas, juxtaposing images and allowing her imagination free reign have all helped guide her development. The self-reflective intimacy of art, which has always been latent in her, forced Xue's transition from fashion to painting. Blog + Facebook.

quote "My creative impulse is driven by a fascination with childhood paraphernalia: dolls, toys, fairy tales, stage sets, fun fairs, found objects mixed with whimsy. These personal recollections are complimented by the cultural heritage of Victoriana, vintage fashion, film iconography, pin-up imagery etc. We cannot escape the past and our sweet yesterdays, whether imagined or real, are my repository".

Monday, April 20, 2015

Teletubbies mashup + Joy Division

A mashup video editing by Christopher G. Brown who stripped and replaced the original Teletubbies music with Joy Division's "Atmosphere". The results are horrifying - and hysterical at the same time. Enjoy if you can!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Free The Nipple

Inspired by true events, Free The Nipple follows a group of young women who take to the streets of New York City topless, to protest the archaic censorship laws in the United States. Activist Liv and With set out to start a movement and change the system through publicity stunts and graffiti installations while armed with First Amendment lawyers. The film explores the contradictions in our media-dominated society, where acts of violence and killing are glorified, while images of a woman’s body are censored by the FCC and the MPAA. What is more obscene: Violence or a Nipple?

Free The Nipple has become a “real life” equality movement that’s sparked a national dialogue. Famous graffiti artists, groups of dedicated women, and influencers such as Miley Cyrus, Liv Tyler, and Lena Dunham have shown public support which garnered international press and created a viral #FreeTheNipple campaign. The issues we’re addressing are equal rights for men and women, a more balanced system of censorship, and legal rights for all women to breastfeed in public. Twitter and Facebook.

quote [Free The Nipple is a film, an equality movement, and a mission to empower women across the world. We stand against female oppression and censorship, both in the United States and around the globe. Today, in the USA it is effectively ILLEGAL for a woman to be topless, breastfeeding included, in 35 states. In less tolerant places like Louisiana, an exposed nipple can take a woman to jail for up to three years and cost $2,500 in fines. Even in New York City, which legalized public toplessness in 1992, the NYPD continues to arrest women. We’re working to change these inequalities through film, social media, and a grassroots campaign].

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cassandra Naud a dancer with a furry face

Cassandra Naud works as a professional dancer and believes that her birthmark makes her more memorable. Cassandra in Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rope by Eric Minh Swenson

quote [ROPE is the 2nd feature film documentary produced and directed by Eric Minh Swenson on the contemporary Southern California art scene. ROPE is a film that focuses on the intricate beauty and and ornate process of rope bondage as art and liberation from sexual norms. The film features Damon Pierce as rope artisan and bondage rigger. ROPE will present an in-depth look behind Pierce's passion as a BDSM educator and extreme performance artist. The film will also provide an impassioned view and joy among both sexes].
(via Tiny Nibbles)

The (please) "remove my entry" mystery

One of the great mysteries of my experience as a blogger at Unscathed Corpse is the case: "(please) remove my entry"...

In 12 years now the requests were dozens and the (please) is often absent, this is why sometimes I refuse to remove "their" entry...

I will limit myself to describe a few of them and always without mentioning "their names" except the following one. I kept her online (..text and links overthrown as you can see) because of the reasons:
"...I don't want my art to be compared with fetishstuff and big fat asses"

The last one was the past week and I had to remove a "Muse", from The Muses page... and it was just a shame. The reason? Cause she married and now she's not a fetish model!

Sometimes is comprensible and the demand depends on professional reasons ...obsolete informations.. sometimes a model doesn't want to be associated with a photographer etc..

Sometimes it's not so comprensible and I had to remove entries because "they" (photographers) began to feel ashamed of their work. Example:

"I'm a bit tired of having to explain these images (that come up when you google my name) in job interviews". 

Or for example a photographer (erotic and nude) that wanted to protect the models (... and their parents) because "young" people (!!!)...

"I would like to see my photo's removed from your blog. I hope for your co-operation. Some of them are very young and their parents may not understand".

Anyway that's all! I wanted to share it with my readers... They do erotic photography but finally they change idea...and they want to remove everything from the net... sometimes I try to help, sometimes not. I wonder how they could remove their unwanted images from Tumblr...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Fetish Models: Refen Doe

Refen Doe is a great tattoed italian alternative fetish model. Facebook and Model Mayhem. Of course she's a "new muse" @ Unscathed Corpse!
[Thmbnail photo by Luca Cassara]

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Suds and Smiles by Samantha Fortenberry

quote [US-based photographer Samantha Fortenberry created the ongoing series Suds and Smiles for which she portrayed different types of people in a bathtub. She asked her subjects to collect an array of items that mean something to them or she designed them a set based on an idea of their choosing. With the series, she also wanted to display the nude human body in a natural and beautiful way. Fortenberry states: "I want to collect a wide variety of people in all shapes and sizes to display the various form of beauty each person has"].
(via: iGNANT)