Sunday, January 13, 2013

Harold Perrineau cameo in Malcolm David Kelley's Music Video

Lost star Harold Perrineau (who played Michael) makes a special cameo (...around 1:34) in Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts' (A musical duo comprised of Malcolm David Kelley [who played Walt] and As the Bell Rings star Tony Oller) new music video "Thank You".
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There's plenty of other tidbits beyond Perrineau's cameo...
At 10 seconds: The shelf on the right has a picture frame with Vincent the Dog and Walt Lloyd's Gameboy. Under the Xbox 360 controller, there is what appears to be the Spanish comic book that Walt read back in season 1.
At 20 seconds: Next to the tv, a polar bear figurine can be spotted.
At 42 seconds: The chalkboard to the furthest right side of the class reads, "Welcome, Faraday physics", "If anything happens, Desmond Hume is my constant", "Dailyword Problem: A plane leaves Australia at ??? and crashes 1,000 miles ??? in the South Pacific, did Jacob cause it all?"
At 43 seconds: The the right side of the chalkboard to the front of the class reads, "AP Euro [I believe Ben's class in the Flashsideways] Room 23 Homework: Deus Ex Machina [Title of Season 1, Episode 17], read: Tom Sawyer, analyze Jack and the Beanstalk". The teacher's desk also holds the same red phone from the Kahana that Desmond used to call Penny in "The Constant".
At 45 seconds: A blurry Dharma Initiative logo can be made out on the chalkboard to the right.
At 51 seconds: To the furthest right of the first chalkboard (Mr. Graham's health class) to the right, (Right next to MDK) a blurry Blast Door Map can be made out.
At 52 seconds: Returning to the physics board (the one on the furthest right) written in small print at the very bottom, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?"
At 56 seconds: Most of the aforementioned references can be made out clearly on the AP Euro and Health boards. A box in the bottom-left of the health board appears to say something about a meeting or club with "Mr. Linus" (Right under the notice for cheerleaders).
At 1:02: MDK sprays the teacher with a can of black spray-paint. The spray-paint looks eerily similar to the Smoke Monster.
Throughout the scene, the boards have The Numbers written in Roman Numerals: IV, VIII, XV, XVI, XXIII, and XXXXII

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