Friday, November 03, 2006

Isobel Marion

LINK quote ["I used to be Snow White but I drifted."...."I usually avoid temptation, unless I can't resist it." Mae West said both of the those things. She might as well have been talking about me. Growing up as girls, we are taught that sexuality is wrong. So certainly clothing that feels sensual and inviting must be a mortal sin. Well if it is.... the devil and I will have one hell of a party! I started really having a private fancy for fetish clothing (latex & corsets mostly) when I was relatively young. I worked as a waitress to buy my first corset. (I never feel so free as I do when I am tied up!) Clothing had the ability to free a side of my personality that I never knew existed. I suppose it is a bit like Pandora's box except that I don't mind it being open. I have been an addict ever since].
(via Sexy latex)

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