Friday, November 03, 2006

Female Crucifixion

LINK (Expired) Judging by these sci-fi japanese movies, crucifixion must be popular in Japan...
(via Geisha asobi blog)


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    you must to see also about female crucifiction, the site is only about the figure of the female Jesus crucified and you can see in the site many crucified girls

  2. Anonymous6:56 PM, The Best in Torture and Crucifixion! They make an art form of crucifixion!!!

  3. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Try (aka "The Cross Roads" has the best. Download "Japanese Trail" for an solid hour of watching "the dance".

  4. Anonymous7:12 PM

    where are those sci fi japanese movies with the female crucifixion or that matter japan has all these movies with female crucifixion(skewered,drawn& quartered,burned)on the cross.where are these movies.why no imports?are there other images of geisha asobi blogg which has changed completely since 2006 images not found there.HELP?