Thursday, February 18, 2016

Allure Art: paintings made by people having sex

quote [Imagine a primal erotic moment spilled out onto canvas in unmistakable tones, unique to you and your lover; patterns bursting with colour, telling the tale of a sexual journey that you shared together – immortalised forever.
ALLURE ART kits allow you to be the Dali of your dreams and create a masterpiece of your own making, all while enjoy the pleasure of each other’s bodies – a real expression of your love displayed in glorious strokes and colours.
Everyone should be able to express themselves and there’s no better way of doing so than by making love. Forget paint brushes and stencils, for couples looking to making lifelong memories while spicing up their sex lives, the allure of erotic art must not be resisted.
Once the dance has been done, the paint has dried and the creation has been hung on the wall, what remains will be an intimate moment will last forever].

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