Thursday, October 08, 2015

Domenico Barra a (Dirty) New Media Artist

Domenico Barra is a (Dirty) New Media Artist based in Napoli (Italy) working with digital media with a major focus on internet culture.Tumblr and Support @ Patreon!

Dirty New Media (DNM) is a term first used by the artist Jon Cates. J. Cates, who is also the Chair of the Film, Video, New Media & Animation department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, says Dirty New Media’s mission is “to express a contrast with the kind of cleanliness that is [associated] with more commercial or corporate styles of digital art and design. It refers to a menagerie of alternative practices and subcultures spanning from punk and digital sampling to piracy and pornography”.

quote [I am interested in subcultures and tabood human acts, their consumption in privacy and distribution in society. Porn is not a mere representation of sexual fantasies. Porn is the ultimate argument to address history, politics, art, or economy. I use copies of copyright protected contents to discuss industries and lobbies, production, distribution and appropriation and also, roles of sexes, money, porn as a proper expression of capitalistic society.

I produce “partial” (dirty) record of the wide and wild range of pornographic material available online, selected, remixed and contextualized in various projects such as Pirate Porno Material, Pirate Porno Material 2, Wrecked, Red Link District, Head(Her)Less and A picture is never private (anymore) and Dirty Screens. The works were produced using the technique of databending that consists of using softwares not designed for the image editing task such as text editing and music softwares. Through these process I manage to corrupt/glitch digital format such as .jpg, .gif, .avi, .bmp, .raw, .tif, .iff, .png and so on.

I have been working with many media, focusing my practice and research on topics related to politics and human behaviors. Corrupted governments, mafias, corporations, an art form and production as a sort of rebellion, sabotage, activism, I always tried to create works that would shock people and create debates. When a subject is too complex, I realized that people would tend to get bored or disturbed and ignore the crucial part of it, I needed to find something that could help me in analyzing and represent those topics, or at least some of them, that wouldn't bother people, or bore them, so I thought about sex.  I believe that one of the most complete subject, a subject that touches many of the aspects of our lives as part of a society is sex, its depiction in mass media, from the internet to advertisement, politics related to gender, sexism, the economy of sex, copyright, and so on].

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