Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Become a Patron and support Cam Damage

Cam Damage, one of my favourite muses here at Unscathed Corpse, is creating photographs and videos.
quote [I've decided to focus more on my self-photography and furthering my own photographic & video work. Being on the other side of the camera is still new and different for me, but I'm excited to learn and create new things. I can't wait to pursue photography further in my life, and am eager to explore the versatility I hope to cultivate in my body of work: making photos (and eventually videos) of all different natures, that evoke a range of emotions image-to-image.

Beyond that, as a self-proclaimed exhibitionist I've always thoroughly enjoyed sharing my work on sites like tumblr and findrow. However, I need a place where I can share the more intimate/erotic work with a select audience - I hope Patreon will offer this awesome and deserving group of people. (I also yearn for a place to be more interactive with fans & peers, and I'm hoping this will be it!).

In return for your pledge, you will gain access to exclusive content only available here on Patreon. Depending on your pledge level, perks will include things like personalized postcards & doodles mailed to you, videos (spanking, dancing, etc), digital photosets, daily selfies, and most likely more!].

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