Saturday, August 29, 2015

Succubus by Alva Bernadine

Succubus is the new ongoing serie by Alva Bernadine.

quote [Here are half of the new pictures from my ongoing Succubus series, which is my interpretation of the myth and along with the series is undoubtedly my most powerful video so far.

A succubus is a female demon that has sex with men in their sleep. The male version is an incubus. They arise from medieval christian demonology and the first mention of a succubus is in the 1300s. They have sexual intercourse with their victims in order to possess their bodies. Lilith, the supposed first wife of Adam was said to be the first succubus.

I started this series long before Photoshop. I had a technique I had not used for a few years that involved using card infront of the lens and shooting one half then the other on the same frame of 35mm film. I used it to create disembodied hands in my early work. Trying to think of a way to ressurect the technique but on a new subject, it occurred to me to try it with nudes. For my first attempt I had a girl standing in my corridor and shot her top half, had her turn round then shot the bottom half. Luckily the join was so exact that the final print needed no retouching. Later on with the advent of Photoshop, I started using it because people thought my succubi were photoshopped in any case. It was suggested to me that my succubi were more like male fantasies and over time they became more and more explicit, some straddling the line between art and pornography].

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