Thursday, April 30, 2015

Missy Jubilee: The Future Sex Love Art Projekt

Here's the film number 47 of 250 of a hyper-personal journey into the mind, sex, life, history, thinking and perversions of a girl - from the age of 4 to 32.

With the film-maker, writer, poet and artist Missy Jubilee as the subject, this is a sex life documented, analysed and reflected on in 250 short films, created over 12 years - using only the naked body, words, music and pop culture vignettes to tell the story.

An experimental documentary film project about sexuality, shame, madness, confessions and sexual healing by Missy and Max Jubilee - two people sharing the same mind, making intimate art with a unique ambition, scale, focus, rawness and emotional intensity.

Missy Jubilee is  a multi-disciplinary digital artist, film maker, sound sculptor, photographer and experimental writer.

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