Saturday, January 03, 2015

Books: The Fetish Collection by Paul Burns

Published by The Aboulia Press and distributed via Amazon and Kobo, The Fetish Collection is a book for those who would like to read more about sexual variation.
Written by Paul Burns "...the thirteen short stories and novella that make up The Fetish Collection are very varied other than each including at least one unusual sexual preference. These range from ablutophilia (bathing) to zonaphilia (girdles) by way of obsessions with the likes of balloons, dolls, food play, painted toenails, shoulders and yachts..
The characters deal with issues at different stages of life including a boy who can’t understand why men stare at his mother, a student grappling with honesty, a priest who no longer has faith, grief in old age and a woman facing imminent death. Some stories feature explicit sexual scenes, others are coyer. Surprises abound".

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