Saturday, December 06, 2014

Teknari Photography

Teknari is an amazing and talented photographer from New York and an artist who works also with 3D shots and animated gifs.
quote [I hate meeting new people and getting involved in engaging conversations. Despise good food and wine. Living abroad sucked, and I don't miss it. Abhor well-written and enlightening literature. Love all forms of fundamentalists and their irrational faith. Hate the beach, fires in the fire pit, and autumn colors/smells/weather. Being surrounded by people I love really pisses me off. Motorcycles - you know, that whole freedom and wind thing... yeah, an odious experience. Animals are for kicking, not petting. And anything intellectually enrapting is for idiots. In fact, book-burners should be made saints; that library in Alexandria deserved to become a pile of ash. Cemeteries are ugly, and so are forests, rivers, deserts, canyons, seas, and sunsets. Sex is terrible, and cuddling is for pussies. Comfort is far and away better than truth. Beautiful women make me nauseous. And sarcasm, sarcasm is stupid. As is alliteration].

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