Thursday, March 20, 2014

PENDV by Todd Pendu

quote [PENDV is a “Call To Abandon Reason and Answer To Pleasure; To Turn One’s World Upside Down and See Things From A New Point Of View”].

PENDV A NYC-based Fashion Label by Photographer/Designer Todd Pendu, purveyor of Erotic Chic.
The Erotic, the Mysterious, the Romantic… these are the foundational elements of PENDV. The name itself comes from the French from the Tarot card known in English as “The Hanged-Man”; the logo is derived from the ancient alchemy symbol of Sulphur inverted meaning “The Great Work”. Todd Pendu, it’s Founder and Creative Director, has been at the helm of this ship steering a course through uncharted waters for several years in NYC. PENDV’s website is a hub in which to gather multi-media productions and editorials photographed by Todd Pendu as well as an e-Store to sell apparel and accessories stamped with the PENDV label.
[Thumbnail: Teresa Nasty]

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