Friday, November 01, 2013

Mademoiselles by Natasha Gudermane

Mademoiselles is a great amateur nude serie by Natasha Gudermane a photographer living and working in Paris.
quote [Being a foreigner in Paris and feeling slightly de-rooted, I tried to get closer to the things and people around me by studying and understanding them, and that is by  photographing them. Thus I started to make portraits of Parisian women, who I first felt a little distant and who I found  quite different from myself  and also different from what I had thought they would be. My wish was to explore what hides behind their public behaviour and how they really are when they are in their own intimacy.  I love undressing people in front of my camera because I believe that it sends them back to the idea of who they are. Having nothing on to cover their bodies, my models seem to envelope themselves in their souls. It is this magic moment I am trying to capture in my lense].

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