Sunday, August 18, 2013

Erotica Lee: 10 years of nude portraiture

It's been almost 10 years since Unscathed Corpse started. It was the the beginning of "sex blog history" and if there is something that I remember from that time is Erotica Lee Daily, an amazing project about erotic photography or "nude self portraiture" started by Lili and cj gordon. They are a Canadian couple married since 1994.

We have been talking with them ( more after THE JUMP!).

Unscathed: So.. when started the project Erotica Lee? ...and what about your name? Lee? Lili?

Lili answering: We started Erotica Lee in 2004, and while my given name is Lili (abbreviated), I've been called Lee since I was 13. I currently have only one active erotica blog, Erotica Lee Daily.
The name Erotica Lee1 happened because when we began the blog, Blogger crashed and we lost Erotica Lee, so we took Erotica Lee1, and then 2, and so on. We did eventually get the unnumbered blog back.

Unscathed: Your portraits are all "self portraits"?

Lili answering: I do digital self-portraiture because I hate having my picture taken, and dislike others having control of my photographs. It's all about the control. And I'm not a photographer; I'm a snapper shooter. :-)

Unscathed: CJ is shooting also Lili portraits?

Lili answering: CJ did take pictures of me to begin, but over the last few years, I only snap myself. Sometimes I post older snaps that CJ took, but what's on Erotica Lee Daily right now is just me shooting myself. Erotica Lee1 is CJ's blog of photography, nothing naked.

cj answering: She does all of her work at home here and mine has all been done within a 10 mile radius of where we live.

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