Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alva Bernadine - Inappropriate Images 2

Alva Bernadine, a "must" here at Unscathed Corpse, with his second part in his Inappropriate Images series ( the bottom for pictures...).
quote [This is the second instalment in my project. The first can be seen here. I thought of what the streets might look like if inappropriate content could be seen in an urban enviroment and at the same time treat it as an ad campaign. My first trip to take background images was to the West End of London. I had not been there for some years and discovered that some buildings had huge posters on their sides and others being renovated had posters and hoardings sometimes up to the height of two floors. I visited several parts of London and photographed billboards and posters and composited erotic and surreal pornographic images into them. After that it occurred to me to concentrate on London museums and art galleries photographing and videoing their frontages and interiors, such as the Tate Modern, Hayward, Whitechapel and private commercial galleries such as Saatchi, Gagosian, Lisson etc.].
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