Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Tea Ceremony by Marc Blackie

Released towards the end of April 2013, Last Night I Drempt of a Tea Ceremony is a new film by Marc Blackie & Disappointed Virginity.

Filmed one Friday afternoon in a North London Kitchen, with music by These Papercuts Project and performed by Lian Cooper, Last Night I Drempt of a Tea Ceremony can be described as usual for Blackie "A blend of the erotic, the surreal and the anhedonic".

quote [I had originally shot a version of this with another performer several years ago, but hadn’t been entirely happy with the end result. I spent a while trying to locate an electric oven to recreate one of the scenes from the original short and discovered that such appliances are increasingly uncommon in the United Kingdom. It’s a sad tale, but in the end I had to settle for a good old gas oven and do my bid for the eradication of the remaining fossil fuel supplies].

Marc Blackie is a London based surrealist erotic photographer and film maker. Under the banner of “Disappointed Virginity”, Marc Blackie has created for himself a self contained monochrome world. Herein he explores his sexually charged mindscapes via the mediums of photography, short film and animation, exploring the nature of eroticism and picking away at the sinister underbelly of desire.

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