Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sylvia Lajbig and Piotr Wegrzynski of the polish art collective Suka Off and their new performance Red Dragon.

The “dragon” is a fictional, synthetic form that doesn't have any equivalent in nature, but is a part of the mythology created by SUKA OFF. The process of skin shedding is analogous to the one that takes place in nature, but in this case it's the skin that sheds the burden of the flesh.
On the other hand the image of flaying alive can also remind the viewers of mythical and historical characters like Marsyas or Saint Bartholomeo.

Next "RED DRAGON" performances in Sweden, Italy and Germany:
22/24.08 / STOFF - Stockholm Fringe Fest / Stockholm / SE
14.09 / Festival Internazionale delle Arti DIFFERENTI SENSAZIONI / Biella / IT
10/11.10 / DISKURS'12 – festival for young performing arts / Giessen / DE

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