Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pornography As Art by Bataille's Eye

Something is wrong here and it's not the NSFW content of the photos and their location around the major museums and commercial galleries in London (...Royal Academy, Saatchi, Gagosian, Hauser and Wirth, White Cube, National Gallery).
In Pornography As Art by Bataille's Eye, there's something more disturbing and it's the pseudonyms of the author...
quote [George Bataille wrote a book called the Story of the Eye in which a girl sticks the eye of a dead man in her vagina].


  1. Stevenson3:58 AM

    You forgot the url~

  2. I can appreciate that art is sometimes meant to shock, but I feel that they could have created something a little more tasteful rather than repel otherwise curious people. How are people meant to accept that enjoying themselves is perfectly normal if sex is always portrayed as something strange and icky?