Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lucky Hell the Sword Swallower

OMG!!! Lucky Hell is from Finland and she's the first and ONLY (finnish) female sword swallower! Lucky is a charmer of audiences, switching effortlessly between traditional and modern circus & sideshow elements, burlesque, theatre, dance and physical comedy, all while keeping the crowd on the very edge of their seats.
And yes! Once again i have a new "Muse" and this time i decided to start also a new label at Unscathed Corpse called "The muses".

Here's Lucky Hell and Olavi Uusivirta dancing in his video for title song off new album ‘Elvis Istu Oikealla’.

Sideshow showgirl Lucky Hell performs Sword Swallowing at Helinki Ink Convention.

Lucky Hell Swallows her new Sword for Porn Star Belladonna!

And some photos:

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