Saturday, October 15, 2011

Giovanni Lipari: The Death of Youth

The Death of Youth - Tumblr - Flickr quote [This project stems from the idea that when a man turns thirty, he reaches a threshold where the possibility of fulfilling youthful fantasies ceases to exist. I have aspired to create a project that not only exemplifies the desires I had as a young man, but also illustrates the desires of a man transitioning into a new life period. In this sense, this series documents a lifestyle that I yearned for as a younger man, and one that I possibly still crave. When I turned thirty, the fantasy portrayed in these photographs became impossible: the person who lives such a life must be born taller, better-looking, handsome, charming, famous and wealthier than I. This project provided me with closure as I concluded one segment of my life—my youth—and began another. I named this series "Death of Youth" as a testament to growing older and leaving my youth behind].


  1. my youth died when i looked in the mirror and i saw a younger version of my Gram-pa staring back at me.I knew then some dreams will never come true.