Thursday, July 29, 2010

The fusion of science and pornography

quote [In The Atrocity Exhibition (1970) Traven explores what most people would regard as pretty frightening pornographic imagery; he explores with the kind of eye of a forensic pathologist. He treats sexual desire as if it was something stretched out on an autopsy table; he takes a woman’s body and dismantles it – not literally, but almost literally – and constructs a kit which is literally that. I mean inside of a suitcase, as you show in the film, there is a set of the key elements that we respond to when we become sexually aroused – a pair of latex breasts, nipples, detachable pubic hair...].
(J.G. Ballard, interviewed by Jonathan Weiss in 2006, commentary track on The Atrocity Exhibition 2000; film directed by Weiss).
[Thumbnail: From the ‘Kiss’ series, by Wim Delvoye].

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