Friday, April 09, 2010

Sammie Rhodes... Gives You Hell

quote [Adult film actress Sammie Rhodes stars in the music video for indie-rock band The Inevitable Backlash's single "Gives You Hell". After 2009s MY TWO BROOKES record which NOW TORONTO called "One of the 20 most significant music moments of the year", and a cross-country tour to Maine and Back where THE INEVITABLE BACKLASH got robbed in New York, stayed with nudists in Brooklyn, and drove through a tornado in Texas what else were the most DIY indie band from the West Coast going to do when they got home? Record a noise-infused-guitarfucking cover of Top 40 stalwarts THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS hit single GIVES YOU HELL of course. They even got Beastie Boys percussionist Alfredo Ortiz to help out on percussion and tracked with Albini-trained Manny Nieto in his all analog digs in East LA].

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