Monday, December 28, 2009


Photo Gallery quote [Dollfie is a highly-poseable hybrid of fashion doll and action figure, first created in 1997. They are about the size of a Barbie, 1/6 or playscale, though there are many variations in height in that scale, generally ranging from 23-29 cm. Dollfie dolls generally come blank, ie, their heads are not painted. When an artist paints a Dollfie, the technique is referred to as a "face-up" or "make-up". This is usually done using acrylic paints and special sealer to keep the color from coming off with play. The finished dolls are usually collected for customization and photography shoots. Dollfie dolls are much more flexible than standard Barbie-style western fashion dolls of the same size, because of the much larger number of joints in the body].

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