Saturday, March 21, 2009

Diana Scheunemann Photography

LINK quote [Scheunemann’s spontaneous style generates an unusually idyllic view, which demonstrates her skill and experience from the flawless world of fashion photography. Citing her “Exotic and, at times, extreme lifestyle” as an influence for her work, Scheunemann’s talent for photography developed naturally: “I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything else.” Scheunemann’s trademark style creates an atmosphere that is both relaxed and professional. Erotic imagery is ever-present in Scheunemann’s work, yet the utopian nature of her work reminds the viewer that it is an idealised representation of youthful sexuality].
Don't miss the Behind my Face Project: quote [This is an extensive collection of self-portraits which I continue to make 365 days a year. The project has been ongoing since 1999].
(via High on Sex)

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