Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hasisi Park Photography

LINK quote [1983, born in Seoul, South Korea. 2000, talked to an English vegetarian grandpa in India eating heart shape steak, and got my name, hasisi. got a phone call from Korea that I won a ¡®happy ssamnet prize¡¯ at ssamzie music video festival but I didn¡¯t go back to Seoul. 2003, a huge mistake of my life, started to go out with Robb who gave me a bunch of oranges in 2002. 2008, London karma fuck that too. one morning, wondering about how many same suits Kim Jeong Il has].
(via a flower a day)


  1. snapshots of friends , nothing more ?

  2. Il like to read you always ! I'm now on Humeurs de Philtre

  3. howdy luv, still love beiing here but it seems you got me listed in your linklist , i am a gipsy...