Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nintendo Papercraft

LINK quote [This site started as a simple blog for the visitors of to get their Nintendo Papercrafts. The blog was updated about every month by Biebboek. After some time, I helped Biebboek create a huge pack of all kinds of papercrafts for the members of He told me that he didn't really update the blog anymore, and therefore I asked him if I could get the rights to post. He agreed. It would take a few months before I started to post though! I was tired of papercrafts because of days of collecting these buggers. After a few months, I decided to post one nonetheless. I think it was the Great Might Poo. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and started to update everyday. I installed a new counter that registered unique visitors instead of page loads. I noticed that the visitors were growing and growing. I kept posting one papercraft every day, so that the visitors would keep coming back. I started with 17 visitors, and now we have about 1700 each day!].

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