Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dennis McGrath's behind the scenes

LINK So Blogger asked me for porn with the "Blogger Warning Message" and here comes "the porn": explicit photos from the Porn Valley by Dennis McGrath.
quote [In January 2001 i met Jim Lane aka Jim Powers. He invited me to his shoot. My first experience on a XXX rated set. This photo inspired me to go back some 3 years later].


  1. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Personally I am a big fan of "behind the scenes" kind of stuff. Not sure how to explain this, but I find it a lot more erotic and also gives the opportinty for more original sex pics than just the usual porn. Would love to be on a set one day.

    Yola (

  2. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Hello Unscathed,

    No idea who you are but I appreciate a lot being part of you favourites because I've been appreciating your job for a while now . Not sure why you did this, I was not particullary expecting you to like my stuff, but again, thanks for it. Good news for me, and have a great new year ahead !


  3. A big hug, Yola! ;)