Saturday, July 19, 2008

Barcelona Sex Project

LINK quote [Barcelona Sex Project is the latest production by LUST FILMS based on an original idea by Erika Lust. A feminist adult movie, created for women by women, the film discloses the private lives and sexuality of six individuals. The project is based on the conviction that women desire to know a person’s inner character (their beliefs, their character, their feelings, fears and passions) before becoming drawn to them on a sexually intimate level].
(via Tiny Nibbles)
[More Erika Lust at Unscathed Corpse]

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  1. it's cool that she's making feminist porn and porn for girls, but i don't think it's true that all girls need the life story of the actors in order to get turned on by the porn. i bet that a lot of girls would skip that part - and a lot of men too, ha ha.