Tuesday, May 27, 2008

André Marchandise Photography

LINK quote [Combining photography with another hobby, namely rock-climbing, André mostly photographed alpine scenes and rock-climbing. He was also lucky to be an accredited photographer for the Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper concerts in Antwerp at the time].


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for mentioning my web-site in your blog.

    I think the following quote will better describe the photography I'm currently involved in:

    A few years ago, André also became interested in model photography, with an emphasis on alternative modelling. André is mostly interested in alternative style model photography, like Gothic, punk, retro, pin-up, and last but not least fetish like nylons-, lingerie-, leather-, high-heels-, masks- and submissive photography.
    The ability to stir mixed emotions in his images, is his ultimate goal.

    Besides working with some well-known Belgian models like Inja Van Gastel ( Ché, P-Magazine ), André also had the opportunity to work with some established fetish models like Kumi Monster (US), Dante Posh (US), Mina (FR) and Hiliana (GR).

    His publications include Marquis magazine, Steel Moon magazine and Flair magazine.
    André also got awarded for Best photography at the 15th International Erotic Art Contest in Brussels, Belgium.

    My portfolio

  2. ehe.. oh yes. The photo talks about all that ;)