Sunday, May 27, 2007


LINK quote [There is a girl that crosses her legs, manicured fingers intertwined carefully on her lap. Her pearls give you filthy notions, and her green eyes glitter with suggestion, but she is a tough nut to crack and doesn’t suffer fools. But that is just one facet. There is also a girl that loves to laugh, and makes lewd comments like a whore on the street. She unbuttons one too many buttons, and she has scars from being used like the slut she can be.
There is a girl that adores candlelight, and tight corsets, and excruciatingly long build-up, and the romantic words murmered through a silk gag, and it’s that same girl that loves to whisper in Your ear during dinner with Your parents, begging to meet her out in the mudroom where she’ll suck Your cock clean].
(via Atlanta Bondage)


  1. I liked it very blog is funny, amused and sexy;)

  2. Uy, el link no me va!!!!!