Sunday, April 29, 2007

Johnny Jaan Foot Fetish Photography

HomePage - Blog quote [Research confirms that Feet have been used as Erotic appendages for hundreds of years and as history has it, in some far eastern countries, the love affair with Feet & in particular Foot Binding which left women with tiny Feet, lasted for nearly a thousand years. I gather that most authorities acknowledge that the most frequent form of Erotic Symbolism of all sexual Fetishes, relate to the Female Foot, Legs & shoes otherwisw known as Retifism. How is it that Feet,Toes & by default shoes or stockings can be so provocative & are credited with & are responsible for such powerful sexual desires!? Is one born with it? Learns it? developes it? or driven in to it?? How does the love affair for a shoe or Footwear designer start?].
(via Badgirl's Hotbox)

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