Monday, April 23, 2007

Japanese Plumper Photo Gallery

LINK quote [If you're as a big a sumo wrestling fan as I am, I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind at some point or another that it would be really cool to have an all-female sumo wrestling league. Clint Eastwood would then be able to direct a movie called "Million Yen Baby" about a plucky female wrestler (played by Hilary Swank, who would win another Oscar after refusing to wear a fat suit and gaining an astounding 250 pounds for the role) with a heart as big as her waistline. Maybe now's the time I should point out that there's no sumo wresting at Japanese Plumpers, but rather several galleries of big and beautiful Japanese women in various erotic bondage positions. (Click on the "photo gallery" banner down towards the bottom of the page to access the main galleries)
(via Fleshbot)

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