Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I always loved internet webcams sharing private life and I wasted a lot of time browsing open network webcams using Google with the usual codes like:
  1. inurl:"view" intitle:"Axis 2100 Network Camera"
  2. inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode="
  3. inurl:"view/index.shtml"
  4. inurl:"axis-cgi/mjpg"
  5. inurl:"MultiCameraFrame?Mode="
  6. inurl:"CgiStart?"
Today i want to share RealLifeCam a unique website where you have the chance to observe the private life of other people in live round-the-clock. People you see online are not actors, they are real people living their routine lives in apartments equipped with video cameras.
Paid accounts have unlimited access to all cameras in all apartments including access to closed cameras in bathrooms and bedrooms.

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